My Favorite “Father” /“Daddy” Of All Time.

My Favorite “Father” /“Daddy” Of All Time.

    As Fathers Day weekend approaches it makes me of course think about the “dad” I grew up with. You see some people would call it a blessing but I grew up with FOUR awesome men in my life as my dads. I know what you are thinking “how do you have four dads?” Well, it’s a long story. Which I’m willing to share in a personal message. But it breaks down quickly like this. I have my biological father who is now apart of my life. I have a step father who was there in my youth years till about twelve-years old. I have another man who my mom introduced me to when I was twelve-years old as well. And he became such a giving , loving man. After a few years of jokes and time spent, he became such a big influence in my life. I now have placed him as “step-dad”. Another one. And then you see at this same young age I moved with my grandma and papa. “PAPA” then became a man I loved so dearly and looked up to. He has taught me many important factors of life. He voluntarily stepped up to teach, love and guide me. Just as the other men did. I feel as where all these men couldn’t be there for me there was always another “dad” figure to step in. When one failed me I had the other picking me up. 

Now you are probably thinking “well you were more than blessed with fathers.” I would say so. These are all great men who I have learned a lifetime of traits from. Each part of my life I had a great man to love me and guide me. But this isn’t a blog about me, or them. Now don’t get me wrong I’m forever blessed and grateful to have been loved by all four men. But this blog is about my all time favorite “father” of all. My husband. My children’s father. Although I was “blessed” there were and still are so many life skills I lack. There were still pieces missing that I should have or would have loved to have gotten from a father figure.            

So you see my husband is not only a amazing father to our three children and our dog. He guides them in such a way that makes our children want to learn. He protects us in a way that our children never have to fear certain places or events. And neither do I. The guy is extremely smart and has taught me many things about what a “good man” should be. What a “good man” has to keep up on to remain good. He has taught me and my children certain skills in life that have impacted me and blown my mind. From small things that every girl should know like, how to change a tire. But big things like, when a man is around she should never have too. He has taught us that belief in the good Lord is extremely important but, every man has his breaking point, and that as a woman I do not need to push those boundaries. But that if I do I will still be loved and protected. That I will NOT be left in the dust. So yes it was good to have all four men in my life. But my ONE husband has taught me just as much. While gracefully handling our three children and our dog. He never makes me feel shame, loneliness or like I have to be perfect.. For him I am thankful! Thank you to “my most favorite father of all.” My HUSBAND! 

Happy Fathers Day to all the great husbands or ex husbands that were there for us and our children, when our own fathers failed us or left us. We are forever grateful of you and we celebrate you this weekend!! 





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Thats cool i understand this. The nice thing about the heavenly father is he gives us a way to live thats right; adoption to lead us down every good path. This was very sweet…God bless you with healing and wisdom. Your doing great!


Beautifull Very Sweet!!! Love It


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