GIVE BACK PROGRAM UNDERWAY! Read about our first charity...

Our Give Back Program is now underway. General guidelines have been written and posted on this site under Links > Give Back Program.

We are excited to announce our first charity organization, Joshua Station. Joshua Station is one of many programs of the Mile High Ministries located in Denver, Colorado.

            Joshua Station, also located in Denver, is a faith-based community program helping motivated families make the transition from homelessness to a healthy, stable living environment. Since 2001 Joshua Station has provided long-term transformational housing and support for high-risk families with multiple barriers to self-sufficiency. They are different in the fact that they allow homeless families to stay together while receiving the assistance they need such as holistic support services, counseling, skill development, parenting guidance, and educational support. They also focus on faith and community by offering activities that bring residents together to support one another and develop their skills to be contributing members of an interdependent community. 

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