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Reading the Bible Cover to Cover in 365 Days: Discovering God’s Heart through His Word

Reading the Bible Cover to Cover in 365 Days: Discovering God’s Heart through His Word

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Have you ever wanted to read the Bible cover to cover but didn't know where to start? Or have you started and stopped many times throughout the years?

Most people don’t know where to start reading the Bible to stay highly engaged throughout its entirety. But there is action and adventure, poetry and prose, love and loss, and tales of testing and triumph in the Bible if you know where to look! You’ll find God’s heart in His Word. You’ll also find His will for you and a roadmap for your life in the only book that offers it – the Bible!

This book provides
• a path to discover the true heart of God
• the most balanced approach to reading the Bible cover to cover
• a unique process that will keep you excited about reading more of God’s Word every single day

The program encompasses reading in both the New Testament and Old Testament daily, or as often as you choose to open your Bible. There is no requirement to read the Bible in a year, however, the schedule to do so is provided for you if that is your desire. There is no race to the finish line. But once you start, you'll want to finish!

It takes just fifteen to thirty minutes a day to massively grow in faith, knowledge, and wisdom. And you will experience untold love from Almighty God, His Holy Spirit, and your Savior as you continue in His Word.

Andrea welcomes you to this journey of discovery that has kept her reading God’s Word for the last twelve years! It’s transformed her heart and her life in ways she could have never imagined and she believes the same will happen for you!

You can embark on this reading journey independently or with a group!  May God bless your journey through His Word.

Written by local Brighton, Colorado award winning author Andrea Lende. God speaks through her work to touch your heart.

Makes a beautiful gift or work through this as a bible study. Pair with a pen, a cup or anointing oil for that complete gift.

  • Paperback
  • 196 pages
  • Larger 8 x 10 inch size to allow for better reading and journaling
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      Dot M.
      Bible in 52 weeks Bible study

      My daughter loves the Bible Study book.