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Her Prayer for Peace by Monica Staley

Her Prayer for Peace by Monica Staley

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From feeling overwhelmed to feeling grateful, 33 Christian mamas (including the author, Monica Staley) take us on a 52-week journey into Christian motherhood. Trust and reliance on the Lord are vital aspects of Christianity, especially for Christian Mothers. But as a mom, it can be easy to get caught up in worrying about milestones and the overall well-being of our kids, plus dealing with the laundry, and, oh yeah… Actually connecting with our husbands.

This devotional will help moms develop 
a brief but powerful, daily quiet-time practice with the Lord. By focusing, together, on “more of He and less of me” in life and in motherhood, we make way for more joy, peace, and fellowship in our hearts and in our homes. From God’s grace and miracles, to Christian parenting advice, to holy testimony of the goodness and peace of the Lord, this devotional will challenge your thinking and encourage your heart as you turn to the Lord in faith, love, trust, and reliance. With this, a mama’s prayer for peace is heard and experienced within her mama heart, and also within her family.

Excerpts from Her Prayer for Peace:

Dianne is in her 40s, with three school-age children. She shares: 
When worry arrived and overwhelmed me, that was the Holy Spirit’s reminder to pray.

Gina is in her 30s, with four young to school-age children. She shares: 
Motherhood is our journey to Him.

Mama, He’s ready and waiting for you!

paperback - 272 pages

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