We pray for peace for the world. We pray for the Ukraine and for Russia that peace replaces war.
“They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek peace and pursue it.” ! Peter 3:11
God is Still Almighty - 90 Daily Devotions
God is Still Almighty - 90 Daily Devotions
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    God is Still Almighty - 90 Daily Devotions


      Does the current Pandemic steal your peace and joy? Is your faith strengthened or weakened by these difficult circumstances? Is God still in control? These are questions so many are grappling with in our world today. You can maintain peace and joy and grow in faith during these difficult times. God is Still ALMIGHTY will inspire you to see God’s protection, provision, and His care for you in your everyday life. As you read each day’s devotion and prayer your hope in Christ will come to life. God’s comfort and mercy will wash over you as you read the words inspired by Him. His love will fill your spirit and your relationship will deepen as you see Him work in your life.

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