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Cozy Velvet "Sparkle" Throw

Cozy Velvet "Sparkle" Throw

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"Never Miss a Chance to Sparkle" with our dazzling and luxurious blanket. This radiant and enchanting throw is more than just a cozy companion; it's an embodiment of the vibrant spirit within you. As you wrap yourself in its soft embrace, you'll be reminded to embrace life's opportunities and your God-given gifts with a twinkle in your eye and a heart full of enthusiasm. Let the blanket's shimmering design inspire you to add a touch of sparkle to every moment, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary. Whether you're using it to stay warm on a chilly night or as an accent piece in your decor, this blanket encourages you to shine bright and make the most of every day. It's a reminder that life is full of beautiful moments waiting to be illuminated, and you should never miss a chance to add a little extra sparkle to your world.

  • Beautitul velvet touch blanket with beautiful gold and silver rhinestone settings
  • Graphic is a large 10 x 8 inches positioned at the bottom of the blanket.

For that perfect gift, pair with jewelry, candy, a cup and hot chocolate or tea.

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