Summer Kickoff

Summer Kickoff

Wow! What a way to kick off the summer season! The Brighton Summer Festival was awesome! It was so great to see so many smiling faces. And to check out all the different booths and products! What an awesome way to get connected with your community! Go Brighton! With this being said. We are EXTREMELY thankful to all the people who came by our Shades of Divine booth to say hi and check us out! It was truly a blessed day! We are so pumped for Shades of Divine having a home soon!! You all give us such joy and encouragement to keep pushing forward with this business. Spreading Faith and inspiring messages means the world to us. And we can tell it means so much to some of you too!! We will definitely keep y’all updated- so stay tuned! 

So, speaking of Summer KICKOFF! How many of you are enjoying summer so far? Do you have special vacation plans? Are there any parents out there that get to take some special time off, to spend with your kiddos? Or maybe you are a stay at home parent? Does anyone have certain summer traditions? Let us know what your summer go to’s are! 

My family and I, enjoy summer for many reasons! But being that I am home with my kids (6) (3) and (1&1/2) everyday.. I HAVE to keep my children entertained! Have you ever seen 3 young children in a small home, on a summer day - without anything to do? Yea it winds up looking like three monkeys fighting over a single banana. Sheesh. So like all moms I have to have a list to turn to for the days I just can’t be that “creative cool” mom.

Here are some of my summer go to’s.

  • Fort building: - Sometimes my kids are willing to share, but not always likely. So three small forts it is. DON’T forget the snacks! 
  • Water Games: It may seem obvious to have water fun whether that means swimming or sprinklers etc.. But I like to mix things up for my toddlers.  -Give each kiddo a sponge and a cup. Let the kids race to fill up the cup with the water from the sponge. Super easy and great for senses. 
  • Water Fountains: We go to several different water fountains in our area, it’s so fun and FREE! Google to find your local parks and fountains! You can’t beat FREE! 
  • Local Library: Although sometimes it’s hard to get my kiddos to want to sit down and read in the summer. If we have new and exciting books for them to read they are all for it! So pay a visit to your local library and let your kids find love for picking out their own special books! .. This is also great for all the people who don't have children as well! Hopefully you can make some free time to check out a new and intriguing book! Taking time for “yourself” is KEY to happiness! 

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know how your summer is going! We would love to hear from y’all! Have a great and inspiring day! 💛

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