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Prayer Requests

At Shades of Divine, we believe in the wondrous power of prayer. We would love to connect with you and raise your prayers and concerns to God through our virtual prayer wall.

Please submit your requests and intentions to our prayer wall below so our community can keep you in our prayers. You may return to our wall at any time if you feel moved to join us in prayer.

When submitting a prayer request, please be sure to include your first name in the form. If you wish to include your email address, you may submit that as well. Please refrain from posting identifying information including your last name, your phone number, and your location.

"When I am afraid, I put my trust in you." Psalm 56:3

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Please, pray for Jason and his family’s salvation. Jason doesn’t believe God exists nor that belief in Jesus is needed. Furthermore, pray for Jason to find contentment and love in Jesus. Also, pray for me to follow God’s direction. Thank you!


Please know that those of you who post to our prayer board we pray expectantly for you and your petitions. We know God is the Almightly one and that He alone can perform miracles. We pray for continued faith and strength for all of you. May God Bless You everyday.


Please Pray for my daughter Dev – Thank you for bringing SF into Dev’s life when she was completely all alone at school and needed a friend. Pray that her and SF will continue being each other’s best friends, including each other always, both having a positive attitude and happy, Dev to be courageous/confident in growing their friendship and that their circle of friends grows together now with friends in Jesus’ likeness- kind, loving, fun, similar values, inclusive and where Dev truly feels a genuine connection with them and that Dev and Shay will feel strongly about their friendship and feel part of a group of friends which will help them both to give the school another chance and stay for next year. Please pray for peers to feel a connection with Dev and give them the courage to introduce themselves and want to get to know Dev and for Dev To have the confidence and courage to talk, meet and develop friendships with them- she truly needs miracles and blessings to happen for her now. Pray for Dev to have positive results as she is working on her anxiety and social anxiety through continued therapy sessions with no medication, by not harming herself, setting and reaching her personal goals, having faith, staying positive and being confident in herself that she will have a happy present and future, being grateful, finding purpose and excitement about each day, being given and accepting opportunities to do more to be a part of the school community and hopefully realizing the importance and happiness that staying at school will bring to her. Pray that Dev will reach out and/or accept help, advice, ideas and suggestions from Dean S, family, peers, friends, and her therapists and the outcome will be positive and successful for her. Thank you for all the acne cleared from Dev’s face and pray that her face will remain acne and scar free. Pray that her and J will communicate now, work out their issues together, their schools and circumstances will bring them together to restore a happy loving committed relationship again or please pray to bring someone into her life now who makes Dev feel loved, valued, communicates, who she can trust and who will bring out her amazing smile and her loving personality in a relationship. Please guide Dev to use her God-given gifts of speed, athleticism, body muscles and strength to her fullest potential now, finding her passion again and ways to use those gifts. Pray that she truly is happy and successful – mentally, physically, educationally, emotionally, and socially with relationships especially with family, friends, peers and love, and truly enjoying and having confidence, hope and a positive attitude with all aspects of her life now and for her future.

R Torel

Pray for the doctors & anyone else involved to find her neck problem & for wisdom from Yehovah to fix her neck as well as Yehovah to lay His healing hands on her to hel her neck so she can continue the Lord’s work in our church with me and others.
Also, pray for the people in the rental house across from me. Pray they stay away from evil & we and the neighbors are safe. Pray the owners will put the house up for sell. Pray the renters will come to know Yeshua as their Lord and Savior.

Terry Tokunaga

Please pray for our 18 year old neighbor having a spinal fusion surgery tomorrow. He has had a tough life and could sure use some prayers. Thank you

Susan Baker

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