We pray for peace for the world. We pray for the Ukraine and for Russia that peace replaces war.
“They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek peace and pursue it.” ! Peter 3:11


by Billie Ortega on February 15, 2021
At church our current series is Ecclesiastes and yesterday we went through chapter 9 and how that relates to legacy. God's word tells us to eat with gladness, drink with a joyful heart, enjoy life and whatever our hands do, do it with all our might (Ecc 9:7-10). How we live our life will be what we leave as our earthly legacy. We may not be living the life we think we should now, but we always have an opportunity to change how we live for the future.
The question that was prompted to us was, What 6 words will define your legacy? How are you or how will you live your life?
I thought this was such a profound question. It made me really look at my life and how I'm living every day. After much thought, brainstoring of words, phrases, defining what is really important to me and what I think God's plan for me is, I came up with the following for myself; "She loved and served others well"
In these small 6 words, I think this is what God's plan is for me, what I want to live everyday and want my actions to reflect during my life here on earth. Of course not being perfect, I will stray from this from time to time but having this in my heart I beleive will help direct my actions.
What are your 6 words? What is or will be your legacy that God wants you to leave? Does thinking about this change you in any way?
We would love to hear your legacy... Post and let us know your thoughts.