Free Bibles

Free Bibles

During this difficult and different time it's been on my heart to do what I can to help others. There are some local food services I've been helping with as well as other ministries but somehow just hasn't seemed to be enough. As I posted a few weeks ago, we are opening a new local boutique so I have also been feverishly working on getting the new store ready so when the bans are lifted we are ready to start serving our local community. It's just been me and my husband for the most part so still keeping with the social distancing order. But as I pray and go through God's word and look at all the encouraging and faith inspired messages in the store I can't help but think there are those who need God's word but maybe don't have access or those who maybe have not felt a need to be in the Word before and now are being pulled to our Lord. So I have purchased over 100 bibles and will be giving them away free to anyone who needs one. I will also have a bin outside in front of the new store with bibles in it for anyone local who is in the area and wants to just stop and grab one. Also if you are local in the Brighton area I can do a porch drop. For all others I will mail to you no matter what state you are in. I have 3 versions; NIV, ESV & KJV and these are the soft cover outreach bibles. The address for the store is 969 Bridge Street, Brighton, Colo. 80601. The bin will be available out front starting around noon tomorrow, Monday 4/6. For all others please either DM shades of divine through FB or email with your name, address and which version you would like and we will get it in the mail to you within 24 hours. Also please feel free to pass this on to others. It is so important that we focus on our Lord and stay in His word. The more we come together and embrace God and each other the more we can work through this challenging time. You can also still find us and follow us on FB, on Instagram or here at
God Bless,
Billie - Shades of Divine
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Jenny Weitzel

Greetings in Jesus’ Name!
Do you send Free Bibles to Brazil?
God bless you!

Leandro Scaldaferri Silva Andrade

I just really truly do love jesus

Jenny Weitzel

I’m starting a ministry and I want to build God’s kingdom by sharing His word.

Stormie Stanfield

I am a Seminary student and my husband and I live on his social security disability, I think what you are doing us wonderful and a great blessing. I would be most appreciative if you could send me one of your Bibles and any of your literature you might have.
God bless you
Melissa Larance
105 Private Road 210
Whitney, TX 76692

Melissa Larance

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