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First week of new store --- AMAZING

Well today is the end of our first week at the new store and it has been nothing short of amazing! We have met so many wonderful people. We have prayed like crazy, seen prayers answered, lifted others and been lifted. We have made new friends, looked at some exciting ministries opportunities and have had an out-pour for our Free Bible efforts. Oh and sales... yes those have amazing too! To make a difference in our community is why we are here. To bond, pray and love on each other, is why we are here. To share love, faith, encouragement and God's word is why we are here. I am in awe everyday to see the Grace and Power of our God. It's only been one week and I can see that this journey is not a business journey but a spiritual journey. God has us on the move and we are so blessed to be used to do His work. I'm excited to see what God has in store next! BIG things are coming...
I want to thank all the wonderful people that have come through our doors this first week. We have been so very blessed. And for those who have ordered online, you are just as amazing. Every order that goes out is prayed over and sent with love and blessings.
As for our Free Bible efforts, if you are in need of a bible or know someone who is, please let us know. We will ship free of charge and we have them available at the local store.
Through this effort we have partnered with Northern Hills Church, Let Your Light Shine Ministry and received donations from some of our local folks (Janice & Felix Z. & Twyla K.) We have already provided over 50 bibles to many locals and across other states. We will soon be expanding our efforts to prison's, homeless and at risk and incarcerated youth. Again, God at work.
I can't put into words the gratitude in my heart right now as I'm writing this. It's ALL an amazing God thing!
May you all be so very blessed.
Shades of Divine

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