Fathers Day Memories

With Father’s Day this weekend we wanted to recognize all of the men who have been great fathers, daddy’s, da-das and papas.. We thank you for protecting, providing, and loving. ❤️

We know for some, Father’s Day brings the greatest memories to mind. Memories that make you smile and giggle. Some that make you sing and dance.. some that may bring you to tears with sadness and desperation. For some people when you hear “Dad”, it’s an object you might carry to comfort you, or a place you now visit. Because the dad you know, is now an angel in heaven. For a lot of people it is a reminder of the “Lord Our Father” and his undying love. Because for some of us the Lord is the only father we have been able to talk to and rely on!

Although we may have different stories and have walked in different shoes. It’s a sure deal that many of us may have battled some of the same battles. So, we are asking for you, yes YOU to share with us ... When you hear or read the word “Father”, who or what do you think of? Do you have a favorite memory? Perhaps you have a story to share..? Would you like a special prayer? Please Leave a comment below and we will surely reply. thank you all for filling along and reading.. 



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