Brighton Summerfest A Success!!! More products coming this week....

Yesterday was our first public show for Shades of Divine at the Brighton Summerfest in Brighton, Colorado, and it was a great success! It was amazing to see so many people who have Christ in their lives especially our young people. God welcomes all and will meet you wherever you are. I feel so blessed that God put the opportunity in front of me for yesterday's event to share his word and inspiration. If we touched even just one person we did our job. Thank you to all my family who came out to help and support me - I am so blessed. And a Big Thank You to all the customers to came in to just browse, buy or just chat about Jesus. Those of you who did purchase of from us, Thank You! I will be adding to our donation to our Give Back Partner, Joshua Station. Thank you for helping us support those in need. 

Now that we are through this event, I will be adding a lot of new products to our site this week. So stay tuned and look for the new stuff! 

Have a Blessed week and God Bless

 Billie - Shades of Divine


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