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Young Women of Faith Bible
Young Women of Faith Bible
Young Women of Faith Bible
Young Women of Faith Bible
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    Young Women of Faith Bible


      Popular study Bible for girls 8 and up, now available in the updated NIV.

      Designed to encourage girls ages 8 and up to develop a habit of studying God's Word, this Bible is filled with engaging features to help them learn more about themselves and their relationship with God. Weekly studies and many of the side notes are linked to the women's study Bible, the NIV Women of Faith Study Bible, allowing mothers and daughters to share God's Word together.
      Features include:

      • Weekly Bible studies apply biblical truths to life
      • Side notes address difficult passages and offer historical and cultural insights
      • Journal captures other girls' experiences or struggles along with space for the user to record their own
      • "I Believe" statements of faith and foundational beliefs
      • "Memory Challenges" are verses worth remembering
      • "If I Were There . . ." include Bible stories that place the reader in the Bible character's situation

      Susie Shellenberger is a fulltime speaker and has written 51 books. She has a monthly magazine for teen girls called SUSIE Mag. She lives in Colorado and enjoys cuddling with her mini-Schnauzer, Obie.