We pray for peace for the world. We pray for the Ukraine and for Russia that peace replaces war.
“They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek peace and pursue it.” ! Peter 3:11
Worthy Hanging Angel
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    Worthy Hanging Angel


      An angel figure wearing an orange gown, with brown border and brown hair. The gown is decorated with yellow flowers and a butterfly at the bottom. It has white wings at the back and the sentiment on the front reads, "Worthy as she discovered her wings, she embraced the truth that she was worthy and that she was enough, imperfections and all." This is a thoughtful gift to let friends and loved ones know someone is thinking of them and cares. Great for all occasions to add a little extra warmth, inspiration, and artistic flair to living spaces.

      Made of wood composite, organza ribbon & paper. Measures 6"w x 12"h.