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When We Were Pioneers Paperback

When We Were Pioneers Paperback

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Life can offer opportunities at the most unusual times, even with a simple request to drive a car and your life is changed forever. Which then leads to a career with the YMCA of the Rockies. The question arises, how do you create a family vacation and conference center out of land that was once homesteaded? You need to construct not only the roads but install all the infrastructure, build the buildings, and market the property to successfully pay for everything. A daunting challenge, but when God calls, you answer.

This is the story of a college student asked to drive a YMCA of the Rockies board member to a homestead that was for sale and witness the decision to create Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA, and eventually working there for over a decade during the formative years.

Snow Mountain turned fifty in 2019. This is the story about the early years, the challenges, the excitement, and the opportunity of a lifetime.

Writted by Colorado author Robert N. Ruesch. Connect with Robert and read more about his work at www.

paperback, 220 pages

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