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The Power of a Woman's Words

The Power of a Woman's Words

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What God’s Word Says About the Words You Speak: A woman's words can be used for good or evil. By choosing words that build instead of destroy, you can encourage your spouse, children, friends, coworkers, and family. Using examples from the Bible, Sharon Jaynes shows how women influenced those around them - some positively and others negatively. It happens to everybody. Hurtful remarks slip out, and we wish we could eat our words. Discover how to harness your tongue's power to build up rather than tear down! Jaynes's insights will guide you to instill courage in friends, express confidence in family, and share Christ with the lost. By learning to control the tongue, your relationships with others will flourish! Available in origian edition, Revised Edition and the Bible Study & Discussion Guide.

Original edition; paperback, 8.50 X 5.50 (inches) and 250 pages

Revised edition; includes updated stories. 238 pages, paperback

Bible Study & Discussion Guide;  Your words hold immense power. They echo in hearts and minds long after they are spoken. Your words can

  • be a source of encouragement, lifting other people up
  • provide helpful instruction to those in need of guidance
  • bring healing and comfort when others experience pain
  • offer loving-kindness, an illustration of God’s grace, to others

Bestselling author Sharon Jaynes offers this companion to The Power of a Woman’s Words, in which she takes you on a journey alongside women of the Bible—women like Rachel, who shaped her son’s character, Sarai, who influenced her husband’s choices, and Elizabeth, who boosted her friend’s confidence.

Perfect for personal or group use, this study guide offers biblical instruction and practical tools to help you discover the power of words to change the course of a day and even a life.

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