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The Jesus Bible

The Jesus Bible

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What is The Jesus Bible and why should you bother reading it?

The whole Bible—from beginning to its end—is about Jesus. His story, the thirty-three years He lived on this earth as a walking, eating, breathing man, is told in just four books—four of the sixty-six books that we call The Bible.

These four books tell the one story of Jesus—sometimes they tell the same story from different perspectives and sometimes they tell something unique to their own experience of Jesus. This can be confusing—four tellings of the same story. The Jesus Bible takes all four accounts and combines them into one seamless story.

One story; four storytellers. To help keep each of the four voices distinct, The Jesus Bible assigns one version of the Bible to each of the four authors. Matthew’s contribution to the Jesus Bible will be the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV); Mark, the New Living Translation (NLT); Luke, the New American Standard Bible (NASB); John, the New International Version (NIV).

After you have read the story of Jesus as told in Part One of the Jesus Bible (a harmony of the four gospels) read in Part Two how Jesus shows up in every single book of the Bible. (Part Two of the Jesus Bible will be the English Standard Version, ESV). You will be surprised and amazed at the Jesus predictions, the Jesus connections, and the Jesus prophecies that you will encounter in every book of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

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