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“They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek peace and pursue it.” ! Peter 3:11
The Hope Beyond
The Hope Beyond

    The Hope Beyond


      Superman, Harry Potter, Black Panther: All characters with “special” qualities. All fictitious. Why are we so enamored with these characters? Do we wish to be like them? Do these fictional characters have better lives than us real people? Are they more important? Fictionally yes, but reading about or observing the film versions of their lives is no more fascinating than the adventure we’re all living if we pay attention. Why not be excited and thankful about the real lives we’ve been given?Contained on the pages of this book is the adventure I’ve lived till now. Perhaps it’s different from your life, but I’ll bet if you examine it, your existence has been more important and exciting than you realize. Have you been asleep? I hope this book will wake you up to the specialness of your life!

       Charles Peraino is a local Colorado author who has published several books, many that are carried here at Shades of Divine.

      • Paperback
      • 152 pages