"But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD" ~ Jeremiah 30:17
Poetic Bear Mini Blankie
Poetic Bear Mini Blankie

    Poetic Bear Mini Blankie


             The Poetic Threads Baby collection by Lori Siebert provides uniquely personal textile gifts with loving sentiments and whimsical designs in soft colors. The Sweet Girl Pink  & Sweet Boy Blue Blankie's are made of sweatshirt-like material and the bear head rattles.  Each includes a beautiful, snuggly, loving sentiment. Give as a newborn, holiday, 1st birthday, or anytime gift for babies and little ones. Remind them as they grow they are a Unique gift from God. 

      • Size: 14.0"H x14.0"W x0.25"D
      • Materials: cotton, polyester, rayon
      • Care Instructions: Do Not Bleach, Handwash Only, Do Not Tumble Dry
      • Sentiment: Sweet, sweet boy... You are so very very precious... a little bundle of wonder, curiosity and joy. Those eyes... so full of innocence and possibility. You have created a love that floods the heart. It spills out whenever you smile, giggle, or simply breathe. Oh little one... The world is waiting for you. May you find tons of happiness as you explore, grow and learn. Know that you are a unique and special gift from God... "fearfully and wonderfully made." You are deeply loved forever and ever. XOXOXO.