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Strength to Run - Hope and Strength in the Race of Suffering

Strength to Run - Hope and Strength in the Race of Suffering

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This isn’t just a book about cancer, but it’s about God’s strength in the midst of suffering and uncertainty. Laura shares her real struggles, all the while weaving hope and trust throughout the story.

“Whether you have had cancer in the past, have it now, or never get cancer, you have had and will have major trials. We all do. Reading Laura’s honest account of her battle with stage IV cancer will help you see how faith in the living God works out in the ups and downs of such a life and death struggle. I appreciated how Laura did not cover up her feelings, and how she described the intensity of the battle she went through. I also appreciated reading of how her husband, Mark, stood with her and supported her during this ordeal. Her story additionally shows how much we need each other during such trials and practically, how to be of help to a friend who is going through such difficult times. By reading this story, you will be strengthened in your faith and better prepared for the next trial you will face.” 

Pastor Steve Cole - Flagstaff Christian Fellowship

  • Paperback
  • 194 pages
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