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"Love-Purity-Trust" Purity Ring

"Love-Purity-Trust" Purity Ring

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Sterling Silver Love, Purity, Trust Ring - Size 4 

Beautiful little sterling silver ring as a reminder of purity. Comes engraved with the message "Today I promise I will wait agreeing to stay pure, because I know God loves me and His blessing is in store and is carded with a bookmark that reads:

"Because I know there are some things that happen only once and value my own purity; I am choosing abstinence.

My body is God's temple and I want to keep it pure. A precious gift I'm giving to the one I'm waiting for.

So I will be reminded every time I wear this token, a three strand chord entiwined in love in never quickly broken.

Because I trust that Jesus has a special love for me. I choose to love and honor Him by waiting patiently."

Great for that special boy or girl.

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