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Noah and the Noisy Ark
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    Noah and the Noisy Ark


      A sweet and faithful retelling of the story of God’s friend Noah as he builds the ark, found in the book of Genesis.

      In The Beginner’s Bible Noah and the Noisy Ark it’s time for Noah’s big adventure! A rainstorm is coming, and Noah needs to build an ark and find two of each animal to keep warm and dry inside. This retelling takes little ones from building a big boat to seeing a rainbow in the sky after the storm.

      The Beginner’s Bible Noah and the Noisy Ark:

      • Features vibrant, 3D art
      • A die-cut board book format
      • Perfect for naptime or bedtime sharing
      • Size:9.00 x 6.00 x 1.50 Inches
      • 18 pages