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Mature and Complete: How God Uses Trials, Brokenness, and Wilderness Times for Our Good

Mature and Complete: How God Uses Trials, Brokenness, and Wilderness Times for Our Good

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Do you feel defeated in trying to persevere through your trials and brokenness? Has the weight of your burdens made you feel that even taking the next step is hopeless? Does the silence in the wilderness rob you of your joy and make you wonder where the Lord is in it all? We all want to become mature and complete, not lacking in anything, but the reality is that life is hard, and we face trials of many kinds which can make us weary and tempt us to lose heart.

This book will take you on a journey to discover how God, in His sovereignty and grace, uses these difficult times in our lives to develop in us perseverance resulting in the character qualities that He desires for us to possess in increasing measure. Much of our growth depends on the condition of our hearts; as we begin to believe what God says about us and embrace our identity in Christ, as we trust Him and seek Him above all else, and as we learn to release our burdens to Him, He begins to transform us into the men and women He created us to be.

We were not meant to be broken and hopeless but mature and complete.

This book is divided into five chapters, and along with the main teaching in a story-telling format, each chapter contains a real-life story from someone who describes their own journey of perseverance through a difficult time or situation and who explains what God did in and through them during those trials. You will also have an opportunity at the end of each chapter for personal application through an optional short workbook section designed for you to further process the content through journaling, followed by a list of questions for additional personal reflection or small group discussion.

  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 226 pages
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