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Kissing Krystals LOVE WREATH Mistletoe Christmas Ornament

Kissing Krystals LOVE WREATH Mistletoe Christmas Ornament

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Bring some wintery charm into your home and hearth with this beautiful  Kissing Krystals Mistletoe Wreath.  Adorn your tree, add to a gift or gift alone to a special someone for a beautiful sentiment.

The European legend of the mistletoe holds that magical powers from the "soul" of the mighty oak tree are contained in it.  It is supposed to be one of the most magical, mysterious, and sacred plants of European folklore -  granting strength, peace, health, fertility and love to those who kiss beneath it.

This Kissing Krystals Love Wreath Mistletoe Ornament from measures 5 inches tall. 

This classic style ornament has plastic green leaves and red berries that are sprinkled with shimmering glitter.

Below the mistletoe sits a shiny clear 'crystal' wreath, made of durable acrylic that resembles crystal with a red acrylic heart in its center.  Suspended from a sheer hanging ribbon.

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