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Jesus Everlasting By: Wendy Pope

Jesus Everlasting By: Wendy Pope

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When daily stresses and fears feel overwhelming, women want to know above all that Jesus is with them. With her approachable style and passion for digging into God's Word, Wendy Pope invites women to put themselves in the scenes of Jesus's encounters with five women.

Readers will discover that they too can get to know Jesus as a:

  • Friend who will never leave them
  • Father who brings healing and hope
  • Defender who protects them
  • Counselor who truly knows them
  • Jesus Everlasting includes thought-provoking questions, journaling space, and unique explorations of six hymns to draw readers closer to their Savior. This is a timely invitation for women to understand more of who Jesus is, was, and will be for every tomorrow.

    By: Wendy Pope
    Format: Paperback
    Number of Pages: 208

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