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It's A Wrap: A Christmas Devotional for Moms

It's A Wrap: A Christmas Devotional for Moms

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The Holiday season is a mad dash that starts well before Thanksgiving and ends sometime after the New Year. While Christmas is a favorite season, we miss many of the special moments that should be cherished and then tucked away to remember for years to come. Mary, the mother of Jesus, took time to cherish the moments of the very first Christmas so much that it is documented in Luke chapter 2:19: “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” My heart is calling me to follow her example this year. Maybe yours is too!

As busy moms, we may not take the time to read or hear the Christmas story until Christmas Eve, which robs us of truly experiencing the joy of Christ’s birth. This short devotional book takes us on a journey of the first Christmas, so we can move through this December with a holy reverence that we may have lost along our way.

Our children give us so many precious moments to cherish. With the whirlwind of Christmas programs and costumes, celebrations, parties, baking, buying, and wrapping, we can miss the moments that should turn into precious memories. I know I’ve missed some of those moments with my children and forgotten even more. This year, my aim is to fully experience the beauty of those moments and write them down so I can cherish the memories forever. Will you join me?

While most of us adapt to the mommy overload of the season over time, let's approach this Christmas with a new reverence, experience Jesus’ birth in a whole new way, and intentionally look for moments to cherish. There is page after each devotion to journal your most treasured moments as they happen so you can cherish them forever.
I’ve found I need to ask God to help me not miss Him, not miss His miracle, and not miss one special moment. He helps us see the beautiful. So, let’s ask Him to help us see and experience the beauty these next four weeks hold. And then open our hearts to receive.

116 pages - paperback

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