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Ellie The Crop Duster Saves the Farm!

Ellie The Crop Duster Saves the Farm!

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Created by Rebecca Victor, mother of three little birdies, dedicated lifelong learner, and weaver of bedtime stories, lives in Colorado with husband and daughters. Turning bedtime stories into books for other children to read and enjoy was a dream of hers and we are so excited to share her books with you!

Ellie the Crop Duster Saves the Farm is a story about an airplane typically used for spreading fertilizer on crops saving her farm’s pumpkin patch from a prairie fire. With help from her farm pals, Roman the dog, Mrs. Whiskers the barn cat, and Miss Frizzle the quirky chicken, they work together repair her leaks, fill her tanks with water, and get airborne in enough time to put out the fire from above. 

These books provide lessons in gratitude and kindness, and available in paperback or hardcover, these books make a great gift for all your Littles.

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