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Character Club Series - Childrens Books

Character Club Series - Childrens Books

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Do you wish kids would show compassion to each other?

Does your child battle feelings of rejection and being left out?

Does someone you care about not know how to respect others - let alone him/ herself?

The Character Club Series addresses these issues and more as you join the main character on their imperfect journey toward a character virtue..

These are fun but teaching books for your young ones of many ages. The set consists of 6 books. See more at

Written by Allie Slocum who lives in Colorado with her husband, two daughters, and golden retriever.  Allie taught third and fourth grades for ten years at private and public schools.  She has continued to engage her love of students as she teaches gifted & talented K-5th graders at her local elementary school and runs her own after-school Character Club which was the inspiration for this series of books.

(Book 1) Jeanie Blaire Author Extraordinaire A Journey toward Compassion Every kid dreams about what they will be when they grow up. Jeanie Blair is no different. She has big dreams of becoming a famous author. When a contest comes along to help her achieve her dream, she crosses the line and angers some classmates. Will Jeanie be able to achieve her dream and restore her friendships on a journey toward compassion?

(Book 1 companion) A Journal for Jeanie and Me! Companion to Jeanie Blaire Author Extraordinaire  Jeanie longs to be an author. Now your young reader can join in her journey! This companion journal to the first book in the Character Club Series features excerpts from the book on the left and journaling prompts on the right (and scattered throughout.) Whether your child loves to read, write, doodle, or draw; this journal will deliver. For use with the book Jeanie Blair, Author Extraordinaire; A Journey toward Compassion. Includes a never-before-published alternate ending!

(Book 2) Liar, Liar Ethan McWyer – A Journey toward Integrity: Every kid is tempted to lie at some point in their lifetime. Ethan McWyer is no different. He is a soccer stud on the field, but hides behind a pathological fear. When confronted on it, he invents a story to make him sound better. A tangled web of spinning lies ensnares him. Follow Ethan on his journey to see if he can escape from the mess!

(Book 3) Rachel Landon, Feeling Abandoned: A Journey Toward Forgiveness: Every kid has trouble forgiving sometimes. Rachel Landon is no different. She and her dad are dealing very differently with how to get along without Rachel's mom. Things go from bad to worse when a jealous rivalry at school rips her friend group apart. Rachel feels as though her friends are abandoning her. Will there be anyone left to be there for Rachel? Will she being willing to forgive them if they try? Follow Rachel on a journey toward forgiveness as she discovers that doing the right thing isn't always easy.

(Book 4) Peter O’Tooley, Bugged and Bullied: A Journey toward Respect: “Show some respect, you little insect!” Peter may like bugs better than people, but that doesn’t mean he wants to be called one. Bullied on the bus and in the neighborhood, Peter struggles to accept himself and everyone else too. What will it take for him to see his self worth?

 Join Peter O’Tooley, Bugged and Bullied as he journeys toward respect through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Peek into the life of the boy who threw worms on Rachel Landon.

(Book 5) Benjamin Blair and the Case of the Missing Noun Hound: This series engages Kindergarten through second grade learners. Join Jeanie Blair's triplet younger brothers, Ethan's little sister Harley, Claire's little sister RyRy, and others you haven't met yet in a junior journey toward patience that teaches all the common core standards K-2 on nouns! Allie says “I am super excited about this project because it features my dad as the illustrator and is dedicated to my favorite teacher who is also a character in the book.”

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