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Bible Doodle Journal: Color and Doodle Your Way Through The Bible

Bible Doodle Journal: Color and Doodle Your Way Through The Bible

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The Bible Doodle Journal is designed to bring the fullness of God’s message to life for all the creative minds, doodlers, and colorists of the world!

As a homeschooling mother of three boys, I recognize the diverse ways in which we learn and process information. Each of us is unique, crafted by our Heavenly Father with distinct personalities and natural inclinations. Some individuals thrive with focused reading, while others require a more imaginative outlet to fully grasp and internalize information.

This journal is meant to come alongside whatever Bible reading or studying plan you are currently engaged in. You can even make up your own, which is what I did with the help of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible Doodle Journal is a ninety-day journal that is comprised of five simple sections to:

  • · Capture your favorite Bible verses.
  • · Discover the messages meant for you from your reading.
  • · Write and record prayers that your Scripture reading inspires.
  • · List daily praises and words of gratitude.
  • · Color and doodle your way to inspiring thoughts while listening to the Holy Spirit speak to your heart.

How to journal through the Bible:

Write down Bible verses. God whispers to our hearts through His Word. As we read, certain verses stand out. This is a gentle nudge to delve a bit deeper. It’s in writing those verses down that we discover a better understanding of the verse and message. I’ve written over a thousand devotions, and they all start with a verse that inspired, convicted, or encouraged me as I read it. So, write down the verses that touch you, and discover the message God is speaking to your heart.

Write the message down. In other words, how does that message apply to you in your life that day? How does it encourage you? And then, what do you need from God to be able to incorporate that into your day or your life? For instance, I’ll read a passage about peace during a chaotic time. I know God is speaking peace over me, but I may not be able to fully receive all the peace He desires. God shows me His desire for me, and then I can pray He helps me accomplish it.

Write a prayer the Lord puts on your heart, which can look something like this: “Father, help me receive the peace You desire me to have. Don’t let the circumstances of my life keep me from receiving the peace Jesus died to give me. Keep my eyes on You today and not the world. Thank You for loving me so much that You lead me to the still and peaceful waters. In Jesus’ name, amen.” Then, go back and write about when and how your prayer is answered. After ninety days, you’ll be able to go back and see how God is working in your life.

Write some words of gratitude. One of the goals of reading the Bible is to draw closer to God. Practicing daily gratitude and praise are key components in this journey. As King David wrote in Psalm 100:4, “Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and bless His name” (NASB). Take some time each day to reflect on what you are thankful for and write it down. This simple act of expressing gratitude will uplift your spirit and provide a source of encouragement to look back on in the future.

Use the doodle/color page to draw out your creative gifting and allow God to speak to your heart before, during, or after your reading. It helps many creatives hear God's messages more clearly and inspire a better understanding of His Word.

The Bible Doodle Journal is designed to add fun, creativity, and joy to your Bible-reading endeavors. It is meant to enhance the richness of God’s message by sparking your creative side. I hope you enjoy this delightful and engaging format and find it to be a powerful tool you use repeatedly.

Consider reading God’s Word, studying His Word, and journaling your way to understanding, wisdom, and joy in the Lord!

This journal was created by a local Colorado Author Andrea Lende.  You can follow her at or on Facebook at

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