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Bar Soap Saver
Bar Soap Saver
Bar Soap Saver

    Bar Soap Saver


      These cute little soap savers are great to pair with our wonderful herbal and essential oil soaps. They add that little something special.

      • [ Less waste & Easy Clean ] The soap lifting pads can effectively extend the life of your soap bar because they improves the air circulation beneath soap, allowing the soap dry quickly.
      • [ Easy Maintenance ] All you have to do is rinse & squeeze this soap lift pad under running water. Besides, they can be washed in the dishwasher without worrying deformnation or mashed.
      • [ Light-Weight & Easy Use ] The soap bar saver can be trimmed into any sizes you want and fit any soap dish or travel soap box. Beside, made of plastic material, they're light in weight and can be use directly.
      • [ Wide Application ] Great for shower, kitchen sink, bathroom, tub and all kinds of soap dishes.